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4 mind-blowing ideas for your teen’s first blog

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Here are some simple but effective content suggestions for your budding blogger.

Blogs are more about striking a chord with the readers by choosing topics that resonate, rather than lengthy pieces published daily.

Lots of teens want to take up blogging because they write well and enjoy expressing themselves. Blogs don’t require heavy writing all the time, contrary to popular notion. It’s more about striking a chord with the readers by choosing topics that resonate, rather than lengthy pieces published daily.  

Teenagers drop off their blogs mostly because they run out of ideas. Here are 4 suggestions that may be a source of content for years.  

Blog about first-hand experience of high school life  
This is something that a lot of other teenagers would love to read because they empathise with it. The daily struggles of growing up, exams, bullying, teen love, and everything else that makes the four years of high school so unique. Unlike adults, teens enjoy deeply subjective, i.e., personalised accounts from peer group. Emotions matter to them more than information alone, and someone from their age group is best positioned to understand this.  

There’s no need to stop when your kid grows up and enters college. They will take their audience with them because they readers want to hear the same person talking.  

Blog about what they are passionate about  
Teenage is the time when the seeds of career are sown, and life-long interests grow. Whether it is guitar or hiking, saving ecology or caring for pets, cooking elaborate desserts or coding like a pro – teens have a distinct voice – and others want to hear it. There’s a good chance your kid will grow a fan group, discover multiple capabilities, and simply enjoy the learning experience more once they start on this topic 

Blogging about studies  
A teacher talking about learning is bound to bore kids, even if their parents read those blogs. But when they hear the same topics from a fellow student, the whole perspective changes. Your teen can come up with shortcuts for test prep, tips on balancing life and studies, their own perspective on making a topic fun, and all their tricks on making studies fun. It will be fresh, direct and will find takers among other students.   

Blogging about future plans and offbeat career ideas  
Most high schoolers are confused about choice of higher studies and career. If you are the proud parent of a clear-headed teen, you can turn your little career counsellor into a star blogger. Teens talking about a career in medicine can be humorous, and they can be serious while discussing career for a stand-up comedian. The honest and unpredictable nature of their career advice will score a hit where typical career blogs fail. 

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