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4 tips to help your budding coder stay motivated through tough assignments  

By Tania Bagwan,

Is your budding coder struggling through tough assignments? These tips will help her stay on track.

Chalking out a well thought out and organised plan will help your budding coder stay on track.

As with starting anything new, coding comes with a lot of excitement and motivation for beginners. The first few weeks come with a lot of learning and engagement, and with each lesson, one is eager to dive deeper. However, over time, it is possible that budding coders start struggling and losing motivation as a result of the progressive difficulty. With the right mindset and proper planning, it is possible to keep them on track and still continue keeping it fun, yet challenging. Here are a few tips to help your budding coder stay motivated through tough assignments. 

Help her identify and visualise her coding goal 

Knowing why your child wants to learn coding is the first step. Clearly identifying what she wants to achieve through it is the second step. Talk to her and help her be as specific as possible about her goals. Remember, these goals are subject to change once they are achieved. Help her set certain milestone to accomplish, and then aim for something more challenging after that. For example, her goal may be to learn how to create websites using HTML or JavaScript within the next 3 months. 

Lay out a plan for him to follow 

As with learning anything, it is important for your budding coder to follow a plan. Especially when it comes to more challenging projects, chalking out a well thought out and organised plan will help him stay on track. This may include scheduling time on a weekly and daily basis to practise coding. It may also include specific aspects to focus on in coding, and how to go about learning them. 

Plan fun coding projects 

Just learning coding concepts can get quite mundane. If your budding coder has a fun, engaging way to translate her knowledge into certain projects, encourage her to do so. Not only will this help her sharpen her practical skills, but it will also allow her to have fun with coding and remember that it is a fun activity she chose to do, not a chore.  

Remind him why he wanted to start coding 

Before taking up any activity or hobby, one always has to know why he wants to pursue that. If your child has an awareness about what drove him to take it up in the first place, he will remember its purpose. So the next time his motivation seems to be faltering, start off with reminding him why he chose to learn it in, and how consistently getting better at it will take him closer to his goals and ambitions. 

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