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4 ways a course on robotics benefits your kids

By Pallavi Kanungo,

This course helps in exploring interdisciplinary career prospects.

Robotics is a field that helps students to become a team-player through its interactive platforms.

Robotics is a significant part of STEM learning that is not only fun but also engaging. If your youngsters are interested in the world of STEM, but don’t know where to begin, robotics can be a good place to start. The wide world of robots and their range of applications are quite intriguing. This branch of STEM learning benefits a student in more ways than one: Sharpens math skills, makes it easier for them to learn computer science, enhances several life skills, etc. Here, we guide you on a few of these benefits.  

Offers collaborative opportunities 
From interactive robotic clubs to online robotics classes and virtual camps, there are more than one great way to engage students in teamwork. These also help youngsters to take part in STEM competitions and workshops where they are divided in groups, and assigned the collaborative tasks of designing robots, challenging opponents, and learning about overcoming coding obstacles together with their teammate. This builds a network of young and aspiring coders. 

Helps explore multidisciplinary projects 
The wide range of robotics covers all the four branches of STEM learning in great detail. Working with robotics resources like Sphero and VEX, youngsters learn how to code, boost their math skills, improve their engineering prospects by building and programming their robots and solving real-world science problems with out-of-the-box thinking. Moreover, robots also help in vital search and rescue missions imparting kids with defence skills, apart from improving their creativity and innovation regarding graphics and designing.  

Robotics offer trending new-age career skills 
Robotics is an integral part of new-age and innovative career opportunities like AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Aerospace engineering and hardware design. So, if your child has a knack for robotics, it is time to encourage him and even advance his robotics training. Moreover, there are always soft skills of robotics that help in other STEM-related careers.  

Promotes self sufficiency 
Training in robotics helps kids think creatively, and come up with innovative solutions, all on their own, making them self-sufficient and ready for the real world. Robotics toys are not only fun hobbies but are full of learning components. They help youngsters follow step-by-step instructions, get motivated and build their own robotics gadgets. Also, when they are stuck and have no one to consult with, they critically analyze and learn to take the right decision to avoid mistakes.