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5 low-cost business ideas for your kids

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Do you have a budding entrepreneur a home? Encourage your kid with these interesting business ideas.

Motivate your youngster to venture into entrepreneurship with easy business ideas.

Are you the proud parent of a kid always trying to start an enterprise, even if it’s selling old newspaper at a ‘wonderful’ price? Don’t discourage your child or call it off as childish whims. If you have a resourceful kid, you need to encourage him with safe, practical and low cost business ideas. We have listed 5 of them below.  

Photo editing, printing and distribution 
This is a great business idea for kids from 5 to 18, as well as college students. Your child needs free photo editing apps, a knack for beautifying photos and creativity. They can start by doing up friends’ and family Instagram and FaceBook pages, and grow through a circle of acquaintances. If you invest in a printer, they can courier posters, portraits and other printed products to add to the business.   

Hair accessory making 
Hair is a huge industry, and has grown immensely since the lockdown. If you have a child good at crafts, get him or her some art material to start making bows, clips, hairbands and clutches. If their products are popular among friends, open them an online store on Etsy or another online boutique, or simply a shop on Salesforce.  

Landscaping and interior decoration advice  
Have a kid who is good at turning the house into a wonderland? Encourage them to advice friends and family with interior decoration and garden beautification tips. Photos and videos can be shared and your child can draw up a decoration plan accordingly. If it’s safe, take them to the location so they can physically help out with gardening or doing up a home.   

Basic technology classes  
Can your child get a group of interested kids and start online sessions on using FaceTime, setting up Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels? If your kid is savvy with apps, he or she would be a great tech coach for kids who find software confusing.  

Music band  
Your child could be a guitarist, lyricist, singer or simply a great people’s manager with musically talented friends. Starting a kids band is cute, fun, and often lucrative if they have the talent. Besides, it’s zero investment.  

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