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5 TV shows that your kids must watch

By Rahul Pathak,

Here is a list of TV shows that will help your child learn important life lessons.

Age-appropriate films and TV shows can prove to be very effecting in boosting your child’s knowledge.

The medium used for imparting knowledge plays a crucial role in deciding learning outcomes. Research shows that audio-visual medium improves learning graphs in kids while strengthening their critical thinking skills. That is why age-appropriate films and TV shows can prove to be very effective in boosting your child’s knowledge and other life skills. Here is a list of  TV shows on different OTT platforms which not only entertain kids but also function as their learning tools.  

Young Sheldon 

Year of Release:  2017 
No of Seasons: 
OTT Platform: Amazon Prime 

Young Sheldon is a spin-off prequel to one of the most iconic TV shows of all time: Big Bang Theory. It’s an American sitcom based on the life of physicist Sheldon Cooper and his friends living in Pasadena. The show will take your kid through the early life of child prodigy Sheldon, who finds difficulty in adjusting to the regular customs and traditions of society. This show is a perfect blend of humour, education, period drama.  

Lessons learnt:  This series will acquaint your child with scientific terms and their application in life. It also touches upon the emotions of a child, who often feels different or left out. Sheldon’s journey is very unique, the way he deals with changes can be inspiring.  

Alexa &Katie 

Year of Release: 2018 
No. Of Seasons: 4 
OTT Platform: Netflix 

Alexa struggles with all things a regular teenager would. However, her health conditions add to her difficulties.  This heart-touching American sit-com is about how the high-schooler fights cancer. Her grit never lets her motivation suffer and she keeps fighting. Alexa has the support of her mother and best friend Katie, who stood by her through every thick and thin. 

Lessons Learnt: Alexa and Katie is an inspirational show for every kid. It depicts the challenges faced by people, while showing your kids the importance of family support and friendship.  The show also emphasises the need of promoting ‘inclusivity’ in society, an important lesson for kids. 

Carmen Sandiego 

Year of Release: 2019 
No. Of seasons: 
OTT Platform: Netflix 

This Canadian-American animation TV series is about a young beautiful-badass spy Carmen, who travels around the world to prevent or restore robberies. Her team is full of people with distinct personalities. Carmen’s quest starts at a special training school for criminals. After spending some years over there, she becomes an expert in analysing how a criminal would function.  

Lessons Learnt: This series helps kids learn about different fighting techniques while teaching them ways to protect society from evil-minded criminals. Your child may also learn a lot about world geography from this show. 

Ask the StoryBots 

Year of Release: 2016 
No. Of Seasons: 
OTT Platform: Netflix 

This show is an American animated TV series based on StoryBots, tiny creatures living beneath our mobile/laptop screens. Every episode features five little creatures in pursuit of answers to questions like why the sky is blue or what is the importance of recycling.   

Lessons Learnt: StoryBots will strengthen your child’s general knowledge for sure. It will also improve his understanding of the world around him and sharpen cognitive skills. 

Julie’s Greenroom 

Year of Release: 2016 
No. Of Seasons: 
OTT Platform: Netflix 

Legendary actress and author Julie Andrew’s ‘Julie’s Greenroom’ is all about nurturing talent in kids by organising creative workshops. The concept of this American educational TV show is very interesting.  Here, Julie educates a group of puppet children with the help of her assistant, Gus and other guest celebrities.  

Lessons Learnt: This show is perfect for enhancing your child’s communication skills. Julie Andrew blends creativity and humour with the principles of performing arts to capture the interest of your kid till the end.  

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