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6 fun indoor activities to keep kids busy during lockdown

By HT School Web Desk,

Fun indoor activities that will keep your little ones upbeat during these dull days of lockdown.

Baking is a surefire way to have kids engaged in a fun and creative way.

We are living in an unprecedented time where lockdown, isolation, quarantine and social distancing are the buzzwords. The new normal of COVID-19 lockdown is keeping us all indoors for months. While office-goers are working from home, students are attending online classes. This confinement, coupled with lack of real-life social interaction is not only affecting the mental health of adults, it is taking a toll on the mind and overall well-being of kids too. Staying locked up at home for so long is impacting the natural development of children and bewildering them. Here are a few fun indoor activities that will not only keep your little ones upbeat during these dull days of lockdown but also help in the development of their cognitive and motor skills.   

Indoor scavenger hunt 
This game is simple and fun which can keep kids happily engaged for hours. All you need to do is gather some common items which your little one would love to find out and hide them, leaving behind some clues. These items could be anything from a magazine cut-out, or a poster to a goodie. Unearthing something with the help of clues will sharpen your child’s mind while allowing you to spend quality time with him.  

Play dough 
Sculpting or making something with modelling clay or play dough is one of the favourite activities of most kids. It boosts their creative spurt while helping in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  

Well, baking with your little ones may seem a little messy but this is a surefire way to have them engaged in a fun and creative way. Stick to simple recipes like breads and muffins to minimise the mess. While baking, your kids will learn measuring and mixing, which will promote mathematical skills and their sense of proportion too. Stirring and sifting, on the other hand promotes gross motor skills.  

Movie marathon 
Watching movies with kids is synonymous to spending quality time together. It promotes bonding while boosting your child’s imagination and critical thinking skills. Also, most children’s movies come with some essential socio-emotional message which helps in developing EQ and strengthening core value system. The selection of movies should be based on your child’s preferences and the ones you want her to watch.  

Alphabet game 
This game will have your kid practise writing and spelling in a playful way. Simply pick up a subject like country, animal or girls’/boys’ names and encourage him to write down one for each letter of the alphabet. Play this game in the form of a competition and see who does it faster.  

Woollen maze 
Get hold of an old ball of wool and a tape and create a maze. Encourage your child to make her way through the maze from one end to another without touching the woollen string. He will love this for sure. Choose a spacious corner of your home for this game. It enhances spatial awareness, gross motor function, and body balance.  

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