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6 lesser-known features of YouTube parental control that might come in handy

By Pallavi Kanungo,

SafeSearch is a parental control feature that allows filtering and blocking inappropriate content.

Installing YouTube Kids instead of regular YouTube is always a smart move that parents can resort to.

YouTube has now become an important part of our lives, especially students. They need to take help of this online video platform to carry on their homework, learn DIY, watch movies and a host of other activities. However, parents often worry that their youngsters might come across inappropriate content on this platform. In order to ensure that kids have a safe experience while using YouTube, the company has come up with parental controls, the features of which are still unknown to many. Here’s a list of such not-so- common features that parents might apply.  


This tool helps in both content filtering and blocking as per need on the YouTube interface. The best part about SafeSearch is, it can be launched remotely, as long as the Google accounts of the parents are connected with their kids’. 

Reporting and Enforcement Centre

If parents ever come upon embarrassing or humiliating videos of their kids that have been uploaded on YouTube without their consent, they can report the activity to YouTube’s Reporting and Enforcement Centre. This department will help to take down the videos from the platform. 

YouTube Content Filtering

This feature is slightly different from SafeSearch. While SafeSearch mostly blocks inappropriate content, YouTube Content Filtering allows parents to restrict them temporarily while their kids are using the platform. This is why this feature is often called Restricted mode. 

Install KidSafe Tube

This is a popular parental control and is an app that can be installed alongside YouTube to ensure safe online activities for youngsters. It helps in filtering questionable and offensive content permanently.  

Install YouTube Kids

The most recommended parental control option is to simply replace regular YouTube with YouTube Kids on kids’ phones and laptops. As the name suggests, this app is a kid-friendly version of the original YouTube. It is convenient because parents don’t have to constantly monitor their kids’ online activities with this installed on their devices as this version doesn’t support any illicit content.  

Lock restricted mode

This is one of the most useful features of YouTube parental control options. Just parents can easily turn on the restricted mode on YouTube, smart kids can learn to turn it off just as easily. In order to prevent this from happening, parents can opt for the locking restricted mode in YouTube settings that isn’t easily alterable. Simply turn it on by signing in to your kids’ accounts. Click on the Restricted Lock Mode and save the settings. Once this is done, the settings continue to remain, even though the account is signed out, thereby, preventing kids from accessing any harmful content.