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AI for Kids: 5 reasons to learn this technology early on

By HT School Web Desk,

Today, artificial intelligence is intricately woven in various industries and our daily lives.

AI is likely to create almost 58 million jobs in the coming years.

Starting from search engines to smart assistants like Alexa and Siri, there are various ways you are exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) in your daily lives. So are your kids. The video games that they play and the feeds and suggestions on their social media handles are a function of AI, a computer science technology that enables machines to perform tasks that require human intelligence and abilities. In fact, many schools now use AI to grade students and assess their aptitude. Additionally, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has incorporated artificial intelligence in its secondary and senior secondary syllabuses. Today, this technology is so intricately woven in various industries and our daily lives that it has become almost essential for children to learn AI. Here, we guide you through the most important reasons for you to equip your child with this technology.  

Widens career opportunities 
According to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), artificial intelligence is likely to create almost 58 million jobs in the coming years. In fact, more and more business houses are resorting to artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve their business efficiency and make better strategic decisions So, arming your kids with this technology will broaden their career scope for sure. Also, jobs in the field of artificial intelligence are going to be extremely well-playing.  

Exposes kids to coding 
While getting acquainted about artificial intelligence, your kids will get introduced to coding, a high demand skill in the job market today. Also known as software programming, coding teaches computers how to carry out their tasks. Simply put, the job of a coding expert is to create a language to communicate instructions to computers. Some examples of coding languages include Python, C, and JavaScript. Apart from prepping your little ones up for prospective job options, coding also helps them develop certain cognitive skills: Problem solving, logical reasoning and creative thinking.  

Teaches them to analyse data 
Artificial intelligence exposes children to the world of data and there is no doubt that 21st century is driven by data. Expertise in data mining, or analysing different data sets will help your child build career in data science, a very popular career choice in today’s world. Also, proficiency with data will give him an edge over others while it comes to taking business decisions.  

Boosts creativity 
Creative thinking is a skill required in various domains of our lives, be it personal or professional. Artificial Intelligence teaches kids to think critically and boosts their imagination too by exposing them to data analysis and coding.  

Helps kids solve problems better 
This is another major benefit of introducing your kids to artificial intelligence. If your child is conversant with the concepts of AI, its algorithms, coding and data, she will develop an ability to solve problems effectively.  

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