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Beginner-friendly tips for aspiring photographers 

By Aditi Srivastava,

Capturing engaging photos requires some planning on how to frame the shot.

It takes beginners some amount of trial and error to get the camera settings right.

Photos are one of the most effective ways to capture memories. The reasons your teen might want to learn photography could be many. However, if they’re new to using DSLRs or not that comfortable with it yet, the entire drill of clicking pictures could seem a bit daunting at first. Here are some beginner-friendly tips that would help your kids take photographs like a pro. 

Guide him on getting the camera basics right 
Before shutterbug starts shooting pictures, you should help him grasp how the camera works. It's critical for him to understand the features and operations of their camera, particularly in a DSLR. Knowing how to use the viewfinder, turn off the automatic flash, and even comprehend the zoom function can make or break your budding photographer's final photos. Motivate him to consult the instruction booklet for their camera when learning about its functionality. 

Help her understand different camera settings 
You need to tell your aspiring photographer that it takes some fair amount of trial and error-based practice to get the camera settings right. After all, the modern cameras have so many of them, isn’t it? Exploring which camera settings are the most important for her during a particular composition will give her the best chance of taking the photographs she actually wants to. For example, encourage her to experiment with camera modes other than full auto. After all, she won't learn anything as a beginner if her camera makes all the decisions for her. Aperture, shutter speed and ISO are other important camera settings that she needs to learn about. 

Remind your shutterbug that the most skilled photographers are not always able to achieve perfection at one go. She should focus on enjoying the process of photography rather than controlling its outcome by learning how to set the camera properly. 

Encourage him to click photos during the golden hour 

Golden hour is a brief period of time just after dawn and right before sunset when the air is filled with a beautiful golden colour that is ideal for photographing landscapes and portraits. Your son can make use of this coveted golden hour in photography to get some naturally eye-catching shots of people and places. For this, he needs to be motivated enough to plan beforehand as to where he needs to be and through which angle will the photos be taken.  

The sun is at a low angle in the sky during the golden hour, generating longer shadows and pleasing lighting conditions that your adolescent can use for more creative effects. However, during the golden hour, the light changes virtually every minute. As a result, urge him to shoot a lot of frames and to do so frequently to ensure that he captures every change.  

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