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Best ideas for your young filmmaker’s first amateur film

By Tania Bagwan,

Here are 4 film ideas to start off your budding filmmaker’s journey at home.

Encouraging your aspiring filmmaker to be observant of her surroundings will help her develop storytelling skills.

Filmmaking is an art that interests today’s youngsters. Though the scope was limited for amateurs in this field, earlier, the scenario has completely changed now, thanks to high-quality cameras of smartphones. Now, your youngster can also become an amateur filmmaker. If your child has an avid interest in filmmaking and direction, he does not have to wait long to make his first piece of art. He can start cultivating his skill at home. Here are some ideas for all budding filmmakers. 

This is the most crucial aspect of filmmaking. Encourage your aspiring filmmaker to be observant of her surroundings and create a story out of the usual, even mundane things objects around her. For example, if she sees a stray dog on the street, she can create a narrative around what the dog is thinking, feeling, etc. After filming short clips on the subject, she can lay over an audio recording, add text and edit the film. 

This can be an interesting format for filmmaking. The bonus is, interviewing someone will be great way to enhance your budding filmmaker’s communication skills. Encourage him to be open to start conversations with interesting people he meets or even any family member, friend, neighbour, etc. After seeking the interviewee’s permission to interview and film, help your child prepare a questionnaire, schedule it and set up the required technical equipment.  

Book and film reports 
Penning down a book/ film report can be a long and tedious task especially if your child is more visually-oriented. Assign a book or a film to your child to prepare a film report that includes including criticism, summary and her own interpretation of it. The filmmaking process of this report can be quite creative, where she can recreate scenes and act them out, use other visuals and graphics, etc. 

Creating alternate endings  
This idea is sure to get your young director’s thinking cap on. Challenge him to write and film an alternate ending to his favourite movies or short films. There is no limit to creativity with this, as he can also cast his friends as characters in it and come up with a completely different resolution or conclusion. 

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