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Coding decoded: What kids should know before joining a course

By HT School Web Desk,

Introduce your kids to the basics of coding before enrolling them in a course.

Coding teaches your kids to create software, apps, websites and games.

The application of coding is almost everywhere in modern lives. We come across it every day without even knowing. Starting from your washing machine and vacuum cleaner to the navigation system that you use or the video games that your child plays, everything involves coding or computer programming. With the constant evolution of technology, the importance of this branch of computer science is only increasing in our daily lives and the career path of the next generation workforce. Keeping this in mind, the National Education Policy 2020 had announced a remarkable reform last year: Introducing coding from class 6 as a 21st-century vocational skill. Here are the basics of coding that every child needs to know for a sooth entry to any coding course. 

What is coding all about? 
Our computer needs certain instructions in order to function the way it does. The language in which these instructions are written is known as coding, the other term for computer programming. Java, Python and C Programmers are the different coding languages used by computer programmers. A coding class makes it possible for your kids to create software, apps, websites and games. According to experts, children as young as 5 years can learn programming. Typically, visual blocks and games are used to teach coding to kids in a fun way. Text-based coding classes are also available for them at advanced levels.  

Programming languages for kids 
There are numerous coding languages. The best ones for your child, according to experts, are Python, HTML, JavaScript Programming, C++ and Java programming among others. They teach everything from web development, mathematical computation and running databases to software development and app creation.  

Learning resources for coding 
There is a wide range of learning resources for children while it comes to coding, both paid and free. These resources include coding websites, games and apps. Check the reviews and ratings of these resources before introducing your little one to any of them.  

Choosing the best coding class for kids 
There are innumerable coding classes available for children now. However, it can be tricky to choose the one that offers quality education at an optimal price. So, you need to do your research well to find the best course for your budding coder. The first step would be to go through the curriculum well and see if it’s well structured. Also, check if the teachers will be readily available to clear your child’s doubts.  

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