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Easy and practical tips to prepare your kids for a quiz contest

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Confused on what your kids can do to ace a quiz contest? Here are our tips.

ClassAct 2022, The Hindustan Times Republic Day Quiz, is a great opportunity for budding quizzers of Grades 1 to 12.

Kids enjoy the excitement and interactive nature of quiz contests, but feel crestfallen when they can’t perform well. As parent, you can help then prepare with these simple but effective tips, even if you were not keen on quiz yourself.  

Help your kid choose the right contest  
There several quiz competitions held across the nation and all over the world, both on-ground and online. Have your child participate in the one that suits his aptitude. ClassAct 2022, The Hindustan Times Republic Day Quiz, to be held on 23rd (Prelims) and 26th January (Finale), can be a good option to start with. This online school quiz competition is a great opportunity for budding quizzers of Grades 1 to 12 to test their general knowledge skills. Participants will only have to fill in an online registration form on this page to register for the quiz. 

However, if your child has a knack for electronics, or is already a coder in high school, you can encourage them to participate in interest-specific quiz events instead of general ones. Several codeathons, Arduino camps and Maker’s Fairs happen right here in our country, and kids can also participate in international contests from all over the world online. Doing well at a subject they love can do wonders for their self-confidence, and also make them eager to study more.  

Open your kid to the world of daily media  
Kids get their dose of news from social media updates and WhatsApp. Get them into the good old habit of reading newspapers thoroughly everyday. Let them follow at least one news channel on TV. Encourage them to subscribe to Google news feeds on their mobile, it’s free. They can also watch at least one sports channel, and one on animals. Ask them to pay attention to odd news, quiz masters love anomalies and aberrations. 

Re-introduce kids to social media  
Get your kid to pay attention to Facebook and Twitter beyond what they usually surf. Following discussions and setting alerts are the two simplest ways of keeping in touch with the world. This habit will also make your child a more responsible citizen and web-citizen.  

Help your kid browse encyclopaedia, atlases, and quiz books  
School textbooks help in quiz preparation too, but it’s a good idea to step out of the syllabus and explore more. A voracious reader is often good at quiz too. Encyclopaedia are helpful and easy to remember as they package information in small chunks, sometime with illustrations. Atlases are the best way to sort out countries and capitals once and for all, while quiz books would give the contestants some basic info required in any quiz.  

Make your child politically conscious and keep in touch with entertainment  
Though seemingly contrasting, politics and entertainment are two favourite areas quiz masters choose to ask questions from. The advantage is that these two are the easiest to follow. Besides, these are inherently interesting areas, so your kid may end up following sites and channels willingly.