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Encourage your child to learn Scratch coding

By HT School Web Desk,

This programming language is recommended by experts for kids in the age bracket of 7-11 years. 

Scratch is a block-based coding tool.

Coding or computer programming, a familiar term for kids these days, is considered to be an essential 21st century skill. That is why it has been included in the curricula of schools from class 6. Educationists and career coaches are of the opinion that the knowledge of coding will go a long way in enhancing the career prospects of kids in their later life.  There are various programming languages for feeding in instructions to computers, machines, appliances, games and apps. One of those coding languages is Scratch, which is considered to be a beginner’s delight. Programming experts recommend it for kids in the age bracket of 7-11 years.  

What is Scratch all about? 
As already mentioned, Scratch is a computer programming language. It is a creative tool developed by MIT media lab in 2007 which allows kids to create games and animations. There are two types of programming languages: Text-based and block-based. Scratch is a block-based coding tool. It is visually appealing and simpler than its text-based counterparts. That is why children find it easier to pick up this programming language.   

5 benefits of learning Scratch 
There are numerous advantages of learning coding language in the 21st century digitised world. Scratch comes with its own set of unique benefits:  

It is easy to learnIn order to master Scratch, kids simply need to drag and drop the bocks the way they want to. Moreover, the shape of each block serves as a hint to the young coders regarding their correct usage. For example, a block that comes with a groove on top or below, tells kids that it can be connected with other blocks. The colours of the blocks also help them understand various other programming concepts.  

It’s a fun programming languageIn Scratch, any code can be immediately demonstrated in real-time within the same interface. The 3.0 version of Scratch captures the imagination of kids in more ways than one.  

Scratch is visually appealing: This programming language is very pleasant visually. It allows children to visualise what they are doing in real time, making the process a fun and memorable experience.  

Boosts problem-solving skills: Like other coding languages, Scratch helps children break large, complex issues into smaller ones. This is instrumental in making them logical and systematic.  

Enhances creativityWhile creating an app or game with the help of Scratch, kids need to exercise their imaginative faculty and thinking capacity. This process fine-tunes their creative skills. 

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