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Have fun with your kid this Lohri with these activities

By Tania Bagwan,

Read on to learn how you can celebrate Lohri with your kid through fun, yet educational activities.

Ask your budding chef to help you make some delicious til halwa, gajar ka halwa or gajak for Lohri. (Image: Instagram)

One of the most popular festivals in North India, Lohri marks the end of the winter solstice and celebrates the new harvest season. Celebrated annually with great pomp and joy, the festival was low-key during the past year and will be so this year as well due to the coronavirus pandemic. The scenario doesn’t seem to change this year too amidst rising concerns of Omicron and other variants of coronavirus. However, you can have fun maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols. Here are some exciting Lohri activities that you can indulge in with your kid this year. 

Appreciate nature by planting a tree 
The festival of Lohri is deeply intertwined with the cycle of nature. So, it is extremely significant for farmers. Lohri can be a great opportunity to express gratitude towards Mother Nature with the simple act of planting a tree. Also, remind your child to follow up and water it regularly even after the festival. 

Whip up a Lohri meal together  
Another unforgettable element of Lohri celebrations, like others, is good food. Prepare a special feast including classic delicacies such as sarson ka saag, makki ki roti and pindi chana for the entire family to enjoy. Sweets made from jaggery and sesame seeds are another culinary hit during this festival. Ask your budding chef to help you make some delicious til halwa, gajar ka halwa or gajak for dessert! Since it is a harvest festival, take this opportunity to talk to your kid and make her aware about how food reaches the table from the farm. Explain to her the processes of sowing, ploughing, harvesting, etc. This will make her more appreciative of the food she gets to eat. 

Create a 3D Lohri bonfire craft  
Festivals provide a great opportunity to get artsy. If you can’t have a bonfire this Lohri, here is a great, creative alternative that your kid can make and place around the house as a home decor.  

What you will need 

  • Ice cream sticks 
  • Paper 
  • Yellow, orange and brown paints  
  • Paintbrush 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 

Step-by-step guide 

  • Outline flame shapes on the paper using a pencil. 
  • Help your child carefully cut these flames out. 
  • Paint them in orange and yellow on both sides. Make them as vibrant as possible! 
  • Next, arrange the ice-cream sticks in a concentric circle. Stack the tips in the centre and stick them using glue. 
  • Paint the sticks in brown to resemble longs of wood. 
  • Take one flame cutting at a time and fold it inwards at the bottom. Apply glue at the folded bottom and paste in the middle of the ice cream stick circle. 
  • Continue doing so till it resembles a bonfire. Voila! It is ready! 

Organise a kite flying event at home 
Flying kites is an integral Lohri tradition. It is way to welcome the warmer winds carried by the spring season. This can be a thrilling addition to your at-home celebrations, where the entire family can participate in a contest. Kites are readily available in shops around this time of the year, or can be ordered online since making ones that can fly is quite a tricky process. 

Help your kid get creative with rangoli 
When it comes to Lohri decorations, it is essential to retain the festival’s colourful, vibrant elements! Ask your child to try his hand at making a beautiful rangoli. It can be a depiction of Lohri celebratios including kites, people dancing around dhols, bonfires or a simple design as well. He can do these with the help of a stencil. Remind your child to decorate it by placing diyas around. Diyas represent fire, another important element of this festival.  

Organise a fun Lohri quiz! 
Understanding the origin and meaning of the festival will help your child to appreciate it and celebrate it with more enthusiasm. To encourage this spirit of celebration, prepare a fun Lohri quiz for the entire family. This is a great way to enjoy the festival while expanding your kid’s knowledge base.