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How to encourage your children’s curiosity for better STEM skills

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Curiosity can lead kids to discover how science works in real life. Tips to get started. 

Whether or not your child becomes an engineer or doctor, STEM initiates a lifelong learning attitude in kids.

We all know science, technology, engineering and maths, popularly known as STEM, is the new formula for success. Then why are kids still so weak and often, disinterested or scared of these subjects? It’s because they are either being taught in a boring way, or they simply haven’t been guided to connecting real-life usage of STEM to the books on the subjects. As parent, you can rouse their curiosity, a gift all kids are naturally born with, and which leads automatically towards all things STEM when stoked. Here are our tips to evoke their various in various fields.   

How do plants grow? Why is the sky blue? What are egg yolks made of? The questions of kids may sound strange, but observing and trying to explain everyday phenomena around us is the best way to get a child’s curiosity working. Encourage them to explore everything from how steam can cook rice to how bleaching powder works. Once they start finding satisfying answers in science, they will move towards it.  

Logic games, puzzles and brain teasers are great to develop problem-solving skills, and trouble-shooting lies at the heart of discovering technology. Introduce your kids to computer and mobile hardware and software so that they are tempted to find out how these familiar gadgets work instead of being passive users.  

Introduce kids to simple machines, like levers and pulleys, whose examples they can see anywhere. How does a bicycle run? And how does it roll up a ramp? Is it possible to make a cycle ramp at home? Lead your little engineer on with safe, inexpensive experiments till their curiosity makes them wonder how things work.  

Cooking and baking are wonderful opportunities to learn about measuring volume, weight, and temperature. Get your kids to manage their piggy bank and plan ‘investments’ in books or toys to make them Arithmetic savvy. Geometry is best explained through the shapes around us. Turn Math into play to break the fear and rouse the curious mind.   

Whether or not your child becomes an engineer, doctor, or software developer, STEM initiates a lifelong learning attitude by retaining their curiosity. For a brighter future for everyone, encourage curiosity in kids.