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How to raise a culturally aware child

By Sanjoli Solanki,

Knowledge of different cultures makes kids aware of a wide range of cuisines, customs, rituals, literature, and languages.

Cultural awareness makes kids develop a sense of co-occurence within and outside their culture.

One of the advantages that we have as Indians is that our kids grow up in a land of diversity. Exposure to a wide range of cultures from a young age helps kids thrive in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. It broadens their horizon, opens up their mind, inspires empathy, and encourages children to embrace differences in a healthy way. All these combine together to make your little ones grow up into adults with a well-rounded personality, or maybe, the most wholesome versions of themselves. Cultural awareness will also motivate kids to be inclusive, which is a crucial aspect of human character.   

Children often learn about behavioural changes, cognitive constructs, and patterns of interaction through cultural developments. It administers in them a sense of co-occurrence within and outside their culture. Moreover, knowledge of different cultures makes them aware of a wide range of cuisines, customs, rituals, clothing, music, art, literature, and language.  

So, it is essential for parents to make sure that kids have access to an education system that incorporates knowledge of various cultures and their interrelation in terms of prejudices, social constructs, notions of equality, and learning experiences. Classroom activities can engage kids and build a correct understanding of the principles of cultural formations. The pedagogy must go beyond surface-level formats. Here is what you can do to raise a culturally ware kid.  

Teach kids a second language 
Language is a great medium to open up your child to new cultures outside their own. Kids speaking multiple languages develop skills and knowledge of various cultures. This makes them intellectually adept. Knowing a second language in addition to a native one goes a long way in opening career prospects for a child. It provides multifaceted growth, broadening their cultural acumen. 

Motivate them to read about cultural diversity 
Reading books and articles related to various traditions and lifestyles can help your child build a foundation of different cultural activities. It is a great way of engaging kids in the understanding of notions such as identity, acceptance, and belief systems that may be unknown to them. Children can compare differences in cultures through storytelling activities. 

Plan visits to exhibitions and museums 
Museums send out deep messages to kids through interactive images, installations, and facts. Visiting museums can be highly beneficial to educate children on cultural awareness in a fun environment. They can learn about various cultures and spend quality time with their families in art exhibitions and museums. 

Travel to new places 
Visiting new countries, cities, and lands can be exciting and educationally beneficial for your child. Learning about new cultures and ethnicities outside of their own homeland can be an interesting idea to improve cultural awareness in kids.  

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