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How to raise a left-handed kid in a right-handed world

By Pallavi Kanungo,

Left-handed kids should never be forced to shift to their right hands.

Left-handed kids have different writing techniques.

Parents often get confused when their child turns out to be left-handed. They feel a little lost about how to train him in an otherwise right-handed world. They actually find it difficult to teach how their child how to use their left-hand for writing, handling objects and other day-to-day activities. Here are a few tips to raise a left-handed child. 

Never force them to switch hands 
Parents of a lefty kid need to come to terms with the fact that there’s nothing wrong with their kid trying to do everyday chores with the left hand. They need to realize that it’s a natural trait, as natural as being right-handed and is in fact their major strength. Help your child be at ease with this special trait instead of forcing him to switch sides.  

Make changes to suit your child 
Make your child understand that he is special because and help him with a mirror to understand the use of his dominant hand. Make sure that he doesn’t feel left out or gets confused while imitating your movements. You can also buy left-handed tools like lefty scissors, change the position of study desk or toiletries at home, change the control panel settings on the computer, etc. This will make your child feel welcome and comfortable. Also, purchasing pens custom-made for left-handed people that doesn’t stress the wrist or spoil the pages is a good idea.  

Teach proper writing techniques 
As evident, writing techniques for left-handed people are distinct. They tend to hold the pen or pencil differently or take the help of right hand to adjust. However, parents also need to acquaint themselves with certain techniques to help their lefty kid. These include taking help of tripod grasp (holding the pen with the thumb and index finger while supporting it with the third finger from below), fixing fingers above the tip to avoid flicking wrist while cross-checking what’s written, among others. Also, instruct your child to keep the pen and papers to the left side for convenience.  

Use a creative approach for cognitive development 
Not many people know, but left-handed people have their brain’s right side as the dominant one. This is the creative side of the brain and hence, lefty people mostly emerge as having various creative skills. This may include starting with writing their names in reverse, or creating reflections of it, that not only improves their development of visual and spatial senses, but also help in their overall cognitive growth.  

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