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Is encouraging siblings to share a room a good idea?

By Pallavi Kanungo,

Dividing the space equally between siblings is important while motivating them to share a room.

Encouraging siblings to share a room strengthens their relationship.

Siblings sharing a bedroom is an issue that parents have always debated over. Depending on the nature and bonding between siblings, this can be both a piece of cake and at times challenging too. Some parents encourage siblings to share a bedroom because it will enhance their bonding. Here are the top benefits of the practice and our tips to make the process smooth.  

Benefits of siblings sharing a room  
Child psychologists also suggest that more often than not, siblings sharing a room have healthy outcomes and is a great idea to boost morale and teach them cooperation. Here is how it can be beneficial. 

Strengthens sibling bonding: When siblings share a room, they are bound to develop a bond of a lifetime. While the elder sibling tends to become considering and protective towards the younger sibling, the latter learns to trust another guardian figure, apart from parents.  They also get to spend quality time together. 

Improves communication: Living in the same space makes siblings trust each other more, cooperate, share things among themselves and improve communication and understanding. This is how they also become each other’s confidants. 

Helps parents organise better: It is often easier for parents to communicate and keep things organized in a singular space, rather than two different rooms. Paying attention to both the kids, without making either of them feel left out also becomes easier within a single room. In case of a spat, sharing a room makes the process of resolution between siblings smoother.  

Proves to be economical: When siblings share a room, it not only helps them develop healthier bonds but also proves to be economical for parents. They save on the recurring electricity bills as well as time and money spent on decorating or renovating the kid’s room.  

Smart strategies to encourage siblings to share a room  
If your kids are unwilling to share a room, here’s what you can do to convince them. 

Divide the space equally: Parents need to understand that while encouraging siblings to share their room has its pros, elder siblings should not feel that their personal space is being compromised. In order to avoid such feelings, dividing the room equally, and creating one exclusive corner of the room for each should be done from the very beginning. This will also help to prevent conflicts among them.  

Play the big brother card: The best way to encourage older siblings to move in with their younger brother or sister is to explain to them how they can turn out to be role models for them, influence their behaviour in a good way and make the little ones look up to them. This is how he can also earn the younger sibling’s respect and shine as the responsible older one. 

Encourage creativity and interaction: Encourage the siblings to participate in activities together. They can do their homework together, camp together and do all sorts of fun things together. This will help in their overall growth, making them creative and united.