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Is your child interested in robotics? Help him get started

By HT School Web Desk,

Early introduction to robotics may give your child an edge over others in her career.

Gift an age-appropriate robot toy to your child. It will help him understand a few basic concepts of robotics in a fun way.

Robotics, as a subject, may seem to be too complex for a school-age kid. However, there are children who fancy the idea of making robots. Well, if you find your child inquisitive about robots, their functions and mechanisms, then you need to nudge her towards the direction of robotics, a branch of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) that includes learning in these areas. Early introduction to robotics may give your child an edge over others if she wants to make a career in engineering and other allied fields. Here is how you can help him get started.  

Buy building games for your child 
This will be a good way to introduce your kids to the world of robotics. In the process of building houses, vehicles, bridges or machines, your child will learn to sort and assemble, two actions essential for robotics. These indoor games also boost the imaginative capacity of kids, another attribute necessary for a budding robotics engineer or scientist. Gifting age-appropriate robot toys will also be a good idea. They will help your child understand a few basic concepts of robotics in a fun way.  

Encourage kids to watch robot-based movies 
Several studies have shown that audio-visual medium is the best tool for imparting knowledge. If your little one is in love with robots, then she will be particularly interested to watch movies based on robotics. These will not only help them pick up concepts associated with this subject, but also encourage them to think creatively and marry imagination with technology. Here are a few robot movie suggestions for your little one:  Astro Boy (2009), Wall-E (2008), The Backyardigans: Robot Repairman (2009), Robots (2005). Short YouTube videos on robots, video games and educational apps will also help your child get a hang of robotics.  

Start with small, home-based projects 
If you want to put your child’s interests into practice, DIY projects can be a good stepping stone. A lot of DIY kits for beginners are available online to help them get started with robotics projects. These kits teach your kids some basics like assembling and help them fix broken toys and gadgets among many other activities required for robotics. You child can move on to advanced projects once she masters the basic concepts. This exercise will help your child’s thought processes evolve.  

Sign her up for an online course 
Once your little one is acquainted with the basics of robotics, you can consider enrolling her for an online course. These courses generally offer tutorials on electronics, programming, coding, and workshops on projects among others, enabling experiential  

After-school clubs 
These days, schools have clubs for extracurricular activities. If your child’s school has a robotics club, encourage him to join it. It can be a good platform for him to exchange thoughts and ideas with other kids sharing similar interests. Well, peer learning is the best form of learning.  

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