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Scratch vs Python: Which is more suitable for young coders?

By Pallavi Kanungo,

Scratch is more suitable for absolute beginners as compared to Python.

Python has more interactive resources to explore than Scratch.

Coding is a new-age skill which is why it is often difficult for youngsters to understand from where to begin. However, when a youngster begins his or her coding journey, two most popular coding languages he or she is bound to come upon are Scratch and Python.  

A comparative study of Scratch and Python 
Today, we are going to break these down for you to guide your aspiring coders.  

Complexity and appeal: Scratch is comparatively easier than Python, as the latter has complex workings of its own. Moreover, while Scratch is block-based coding and hence more convenient for beginners, Python can be the next step for a bit matured coders as it is a text-based coding language. The later has a compelling effect on coders who have been practising for a while. Therefore, it is needless to say that Scratch is the one to begin with, while one can always follow up with Python. 

Application and potential: The application and potential of both these coding languages depend upon the user’s goals and interests. With Scratch, young coders can build new apps and games and develop hands-on project experience using the easy hardware. Scratch also has limited interdisciplinary options that helps coders frame their own songs and stories using the drag and drop resources. In contrast, Python has unlimited potential and has a professional touch to it, offering everything that Scratch does and much more. From AI to video gaming, Python is enriched with complex algorithms, machine learning functions and a unique feature like cryptography. So, if your child is a complete amateur, he might find Scratch exciting, but if he is a budding coder, it might be time to introduce him to the vast world of Python. 

Length of the application/project: The amount of effort that goes into Scratch and Python to generate concrete outcomes differs significantly. While Scratch is made to generate faster results, with one step appearing the moment one is done with the previous one, it keeps youngsters hooked throughout. On the other hand, Python has a slow interface, and is suitable for youngsters who are patient and have analytical minds to see through the process, solve logical puzzles and wait for things to evolve. It doesn’t offer a visual hands-on experience like Scratch. 

Which is more suitable for young coders? 
While both Scratch and Python encourage students to stay engaged in STEM learning, it is often best to recommend Scratch to a beginner. However, if a youngster has been coding for some time, Python is undoubtedly better suited for him to explore all the complexities of the coding world by indulging in advanced level projects.  

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