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This is why every child should learn coding

By HT School Web Desk,

Coding is an essential 21st century skill which comes with a myriad of benefits.

A lesson in coding enhances kids' analytical and problem-solving skills.

Coding is all-too-familiar a term for children these days. Simply put, coding, also known as computer programming, is the language in which instructions are communicated to computers. Yes, our computers need instructions to function, so do certain machines used in various appliances, apps and games. Python, HTML, JavaScript Programming, C++ and Java programming are among the most important coding languages that programmers use. A coding course teaches your child to create apps, software, games, websites and run databases, to name a few.   

Coding is considered to be an essential 21st century skill. It is expected to widen the career scope of the future workforce in a significant way. That is why the Education Ministry has decided to include coding in school curricula from class 6. Well, apart from prospective career options, there are various other benefits of coding lessons for kids. Here, we guide you through them.    

Boosts problem-solving skills 
In a coding course, children learn to break down complex problems into smaller and simpler ones. Doing so, makes it easier to manage an issue. This helps them develop a logical, systematic approach towards any problem.  

Sharpens analytical skills 
For coding, students need to apply certain formulae to arrive at a solution. They need to have the right strategy to decide the correct formula. This process boosts their analytical skills. A lesson in computer programming also improves their mathematical abilities.  

Enhances creativity 
Like any other language, coding is also a medium or tool to express oneself. Coding requires children to visualise the video game, website or app they are creating. It demands a lot of thinking and imagination and fine-tunes your child’s creative thinking.  

Increases perseverance 
This is one of the most valuable cognitive capacities that all of us need. During a computer programming course, a child comes across complex problems, necessitating deep thinking and a patient approach. Your kid will need to spend a lot of time to get to the root of the problem and then find the right solution. It is also likely, that the process of finding solutions will lead to errors, helping your child understand that it is necessary to make mistakes to reach the right path.  

Helps your child communicate better  
Strong communication skill is an asset that one can have. In our personal and professional lives, it is essential to be able to explain complex issues in lucid language. Computer programming teaches exactly this to students.  

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