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Tips for teenagers: How to have a lucrative career as a blogger

By Tania Bagwan,

Here are our tips to help your child become a successful blogger.

Blogs are not just restricted to written content, now they include photos, videos and other elements too.

Earlier, blogging was assumed to be a hobby, a side-activity that people would pursue merely for recreation. However, times have changed and the blogging scene has taken off. Blogs are not just restricted to written content now. They include photos, videos and other elements and also exist on different social media platforms. Especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, there have been unprecedented amounts of online engagement which has only increased the popularity of blogs.  

Nowadays, blogging has become a serious career option which is being pursued by many youngsters. Literally anyone can start a blog as it does not require a degree or qualification. However, blogging is not as easy as it seems. One has to be consistent with content, post regularly, keep the audience engaged and also partner with brands (related to the content).  the last part being the primary way blogs have become lucrative. If your youngster is keen on pursuing blogging as a career, here are some useful tips to have a successful, lucrative blog as a full-time job. 

Talk to him about his interests 
The first step to having a successful blog is to decide a theme. Talk to your youngster about the kind of blog he wants to have. Does he want to be a travel blogger, a lifestyle blogger or a fitness blogger? Zero in on one area of interest before starting the blog. Remind your child that the theme is crucial, because it has to be sustained as the blog grows. 

Encourage her to approach blogging like a business 
If your child treats blogging as a mere hobby and has a passive approach towards it, it will remain a hobby. Encourage your child to be proactive and treat it like a business by communicating with others for collaborations, networking and allotting specific hours in her day to work on the blog, just like she would do for any other job.  

Explain to him that the income can fluctuate 
Unlike a salaried job, earnings from a blog are prone to fluctuate. Especially during the beginning stage of a blog, it is possible that it may generate little to no revenue. Explain to him that over time with consistent and good content, the money will come in. Even then, it is natural for earnings to differ slightly every month.  

Teach her networking skills 
Sometimes, finding promotional deals with brands can be difficult. However, it is possible to start networking with the right people, companies and brands and develop a relationship with them, which can develop into a monetary deal later. Outreach is also a great option if your budding blogger has gained a decent following. People who appreciate the content will like to contribute to the blog.  

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