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Turn your home into the best classroom for your child

By HT School Web Desk,

Create a learning environment at home that makes study time effective and fun for your little learner.

Make sure your child's desk space isn't cluttered.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live and work. It has also transformed the education space in more ways than one. Like offices and businesses schools also shut down, leaving students with the only option of virtual classes. Though schools started functioning partially earlier this year, remote learning, it seems, will remain as an integral part of the education system. So, as a parent, it is essential for you to create a learning environment at home that makes study time effective and fun for your little learner. Here is how to do it.  

Designate a separate learning space 
Carving out an area for studies will create a school-like environment at home. The structured environment will help your child focus better. While small children may prefer to be close to their parents while studying, slightly older children may need a private space in their room. Make sure the area for their study desk is quiet and clean. If your child is too young, you can set up her study desk just across your home office. For an older child, bedroom may be a better option for school work. She may need privacy during her online classes. Remove distractions from the study area. 

Pay attention to their desktop space 
Make sure that your child’s desk and chair are comfortable. The height of the chair should be well-adjusted to the table. The size of furniture should be age-appropriate. Also, you need to declutter their desk area to prevent distractions. Make sure the table has enough space for hands-on learning tools, worksheets, books and school supplies.  

Help your children organise their study space 
This is very crucial for effective learning. Show your kids how to keep all their books, notebooks, worksheets and other learning tools in a designated accessible spot. The school supplies like pencils, pens, and screen cleaning cloths should also be within reach. Kids need to be taught that keeping their desk organised is their responsibility.  

Childproof the devices 
Home learning has increased the screen time of kids. So, monitoring their screen time using parental control tools have become all the more important in the post-COVID era. Use these tools to limit your child’s screen time beyond school work and decide what content they are exposed to.  

Teach time management 
Sit with your child to make daily schedules for school work, extracurricular activities, play time and screen time. Kids work best in a structured environment. If you allow them to make a routine, they are more likely to stick to it.  

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