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Want to send your teenager abroad after Class 12? Here are some tips

By HT School Web Desk,

If your child wishes to study abroad, follow these suggestions to fuel his big dreams.

Students applying for international colleges need to sit for entrance exams like SAT, ILETS and TOEFL.

Many students and their parents aim overseas universities for graduation with the dream of better career opportunities and exposure to a world-class education. Moreover, top Indian universities have a limited number of seats and some new-age, inter-disciplinary subjects like sports psychology among others, aren’t taught in our country. So, students with lofty career goals look for opportunities abroad. If you want to fuel your kid’s big dream, here are some tips to help.  

Help your teenager choose a course 

This is the first step towards higher studies, be it in India or abroad. By their 12th standard, most students are decided on the stream they want to be in. However, choosing a particular course to study abroad can be tricky because of the wide range of options available. Have a detailed conversation with your child regarding his choice, aptitude and skillsets before choosing a particular subject. Data Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Liberal Arts, Sports Psychology are some popular, new-age options. Consider taking help from a professional career counsellor if need be.  

Research about different universities together 

After zeroing in on a subject, look for universities that offer the course. Make a list of the institutes in the order of preference and visit their websites. All of them will have detailed information about the course curriculum, university culture, extracurricular activities offered, faculty, so on and so forth. Reaching out to the admission counsellors and alumni of the chosen universities through email and social media will give a better idea about the study experience and other details not available on the website or e-brochure. Help your child create an Excel sheet that has all the necessary information about courses and universities he wants to apply for.  

Check for the pre-requisites 

Every institute has its own set of rules and regulations for the admission and application procedure. Check them out meticulously, especially for visas and accommodation. Also, students applying for international colleges need to sit for entrance exams like SAT, ILETS and TOEFL. Make sure your kid starts preparing for these tests and applying to different institutes a year in advance. For example, if she wants to go abroad in 2022, she must start the prep work in 2021. Generally, the application process for international institutes begin from October or November. It is advisable to maintain a file for important documents like school certificates, reference letters, etc.  

Hunt for scholarship options 

Studying abroad involves a hefty investment. So, it is essential to look for scholarships and other financial aids. A lot of universities offer 100 per cent scholarship to international students. However, scholarships are merit-based. Information about financial aids will be available on the websites of the universities your teenager wishes to apply for.  

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