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What your teen’s blog needs for monetization

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Quick tips to help popularize your young blogger’s first online property.

A successful blog, no matter how innocent the writer may be, just cannot function without planning.

Is your teenager an avid blogger? But are they just not being able to get enough readers to click on that magic button called ‘Monetize your blog’? Writing skills alone are not enough when it comes to inviting readership. We have some tips on increasing blog followers. Share them with your kid and customise them to their blog.  

Encourage your teen to have a blog strategy 
A successful blog, no matter how innocent the writer may be, just cannot function without planning. Your kid must have chosen a topic – school life, hobbies, favourite sport, mobile gaming – now a strategic approach is required. Help them by researching on similar and related blogs. It will help them fix the approach, from logo to content tags. Utilise trending topics, but make sure your kid is not copying anyone. 

Make sure the content he is producing is age-appropriate  
Adolescence is precious. Your teenager is interesting to peer group because they resonate more. Make sure your kid doesn’t try to ‘sound’ like a grown-up in order to be taken seriously. For example, a teen blogger writing about test prep shortcuts would be more welcome by students than a very learned piece by Neil Patel. The teen approach to life, sports, relations, apps, and everything else under the sun is what can get those clicks.   

Motivate them to network with others on the web 
Communication is important, even if your kid is an introvert in actual life. Once they start, they have to connect with other authors, artists, and other creative teens. An example again, if your teen has a blog with great science fiction content, they can team up with a young illustrator from Instagram, and wham! There’s a hit blog!  

Suggest your kid to get recommendation  
Speaking along the lines of what we just said, it’s great if an established blogger recommends your teen. If the recommendation is not in the form of a link-back, but a mention on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or even a WhatsApp group, it’s a step forward. Readers sit up and notice a new author when he or she is recommended by a known name.  

Ensure regularity 
Get your teen to stick to the posting calendar. It’s important that readers see the post when they expect it. SEO too works only if a blog is refreshed regularly. Regular posting is a chance to invite interaction. Your teen will get response to polls and contests, and more comments if they are regular with their own blog.  

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