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Why craft classes are important for kids in the digital age

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Let your child rediscover the charm of hands-on creativity and fun.

Crafts have therapeutic value as they help kids channelize their emotions.

In this day and age, most parents resort to technology to keep kids entertained and occupied. But looking back at our childhood, we realise how much fun we had making those little crafts items that were a vent of our creativity. Crafts classes are more than just that though. Read on to see how they can help your child.  

Crafts improve coordination and motor skills 
Is the line above sounding like a description of sports? Arts and crafts also work in the same way. Children have to first visualise the end product in their mind, then plan for it, and keep it in sight while making it. For example, drawing dots and lines, cutting with scissors, and even simply tearing a piece of paper all require hand – eye – brain coordination. Swiping on a mobile can never replace that.  

Allow self-expression 
Kids tend to think visually. Whether they are painting, making paper toys, or creating shapes out of coloured clay, they express themselves through crafts abstractly, without resorting to words. This applies to all kids, from toddlers to teens. Crafts can help channelize emotions, and have therapeutic value. To encourage them, ask your kids to create something for you or for an occasion, and you may be surprised at how much love they can show through their creations.   

Inspire step-by-step thinking 
Art comes with endless possibilities and choices, in terms of colours, material, style, utility value and much more. Not just running a computer programme, but creating a paper lantern also calls for step wise thinking. It’s all the more critically oriented because kids are not writing this down, nor are they following steps written down by others. Involve your children in crafts to help them think on their feet, learning to form steps that get them the best results.   

Help kids socialise 
Arts and crafts classes are a common ground for kids with similar interests. It’s also a place where inspiration and creativity flows freely, and children learn as much form other kids, as form teachers. It’s a great way to get them to socialise and expand their circle in a way they love.