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Why Indian fusion cooking is fun to learn

By Dhrubaa Ghosh,

Making Indian fusion food might be a great option for beginners.

Learning to cook Indian fusion is a great way of tapping into culinary heritage, but by using modern methods and technology.

Fusion food is a mix of different cuisines served either as a platter or a single dish which needs you to be open-minded while tasting. Indian fusion is a big global trend, easy to digest, tasty, and super fun to make. If you have a budding chef at home, this might just be the perfect start. We tell you why.  

Indian food blends beautifully with Asian, Continental and American cuisine 
Indian fusion brings together spices and cooking techniques of different cultures to make a blend which can truly amaze. Our Chin-jabi (Chinese-Punjabi) delights, Tandoor Italian food, and Indian versions of Thai and Mexican dishes are acclaimed for their twist of spices, sauces, flavours and gravies. The Indian French toast is not at all like the ones made in France. But we have been eating it here in India for decades before the term ‘fusion food’ was coined.   

Taps into heritage while embracing modern methods 
Learning to cook Indian fusion is a great way of tapping into your culinary heritage, but by using modern methods and modern technology. Kids now would not want to cook in traditional kadhai on open charcoal fires. Cooking fusion food means adopting an open approach, where microwave ovens replace tandoors and non-stick cookware work better than copper vessels.  

Teaches kids about global culture  
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and it’s true for women and children too. Kids are exposed to a global culture like never before with the advent of the internet and smart gadgets. They would love to know the history of the pizza while cooking it with paneer toppings. Similarly, buffalo wings would fascinate them, though they are actually using chicken to make the wings.  

Simpler and faster to learn than authentic Indian dishes  
Making the perfect dal makhani, the most aromatic biryani, incredibly spicy but tender goat or a simmering shahi tukda is not easy. These are also expensive, time consuming affairs for a beginner to tackle. On the other hand, Indo Chinese, Indo Western, Indo Italian food is easier to make (and digest), takes less time, and costs less. They are also more popular with teens and young adults because of the nutrition value.   

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