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Why Python is the best place to start coding

By Mansi Jain,

Python is a beginner-friendly kids coding language used for web development, data science and more.

Python programming is widely used in advanced fields which opens your children for many prospective career opportunities.

Coding or computer programming is gaining popularity as an extracurricular activity for kids nowadays, thanks to the increase in demand for tech-based professions. When getting children started in coding, it is important to find a programming language that is easy to understand, learn and use. There are many players in the field staring from SQL and Java to C++ but the one that stands out is Python. It is a powerful general-purpose programming language used in web development, data science and creating software prototypes among others. Here is why Python is a perfect choice for your budding coder. 

Simple and easy-to-use syntax 
Most computer programming languages, like C++ require understanding complex syntax which can only be achieved by vigorous textbook learning from the very beginning. This can discourage children before they even get to the fun part. Python, however, uses a straightforward syntax that is easy for humans to read, pick up and concise. This is what makes this coding language extremely beginner friendly. 

Easy to install 
Programming environments sometimes require complex set-ups. Python, on the other hand, can be installed easily and set up at home without any outside assistance. If your child’s computer works on a Windows operating system, Python can be installed with these easy-peasy steps: 

  • Visit the official website of Python ( and download the software. 
  • The latest version of Python, that is compatible with the computer or laptop is recommended.  
  • Once it has been downloaded, installer needs to be launched following the onscreen instructions. 
  • Once installed, new files on the computer can be found. One of these files will be a Python interpreter that converts readable Python code into commands so that the machine can pick up the instructions.  
  • To run the program on Windows, have your child browse the computer for “cmd” to launch it. Your child can start coding immediately after this step.  

It is an open-source software 
Python doesn’t come with a lump-sum payment or a subscription fee. It is an open-source software which means it is available to everyone for use. It also has a wide online community to discuss and resolve problems, interact with other Python coders, and learn through their experiences and information.  

Comes with a lot of prospects 
Python programming is widely used in advanced fields which opens your children for many prospective career opportunities. It is one of the most popular coding languages and competent coders in Python are sought after in the industry. It is considered the language of choice for data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence – all areas that are extremely in demand in our current economy. Kids proficient in Python can look forward to a future in fields like data science, data analysis, game development, automation, web development, application programming, etc. 

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