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Why you should encourage your kids to pursue STEM learning

By Rahul Pathak,

From boosting your child’s cognitive development to enhancing her creativity, STEM learning comes with a plethora of benefits.

STEM Learning is extremely crucial for kids in the highly digitized world of today.

With time, technology has taken the center stage of our lives. Starting from healthcare and communication to education and business, there is almost no area of where we are not dependent on science, technology and engineering. New-age technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, robotics and machine learning are shaping our future.  So, it’s no wonder that the future generation of workforce will need to be hands-on with the latest in the realm of science and technology. That is why STEM learning is extremely crucial for kids in the highly digitized world of today. It is the acronym for four different disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. STEM focuses more on practical, skill-based learning than textbook oriented theoretical knowledge, making this pedagogy even more relevant in the current context. Starting from boosting your child’s cognitive development to enhancing her creativity, it comes with a plethora of benefits. Here is a list of advantages STEM learning offers.  

Develops problem-solving skills  
A smart kid uses knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom and is able to find solutions to real-life problems. STEM education can help your child master the art by training them to develop adequate critical thinking skills to analyse any problem better and find logical solutions to them. 

Promotes personalised learning 
STEM learning employs a more personalised way of teaching. In this learning method, content is tailor-made according to an individual’s needs, interests and learning style. It helps in yielding fruitful results as students can learn at their own pace. 

Boosts cognitive development  
STEM education plays a big role in the cognitive development of a student at a tender age. Studying in this inter-disciplinary field will ensure that your child doesn’t only learn for the sake of scoring good marks, but also for understanding the real-life implementation of the concepts learned. It is scientifically proven that the knowledge acquired via STEM education lasts longer than what we learn through the traditional methods of learning.

Lends in-depth knowledge 
Nowadays, kids need to spend a lot of time with gadgets. STEM learning encourages them to learn through experimentation and have in-depth knowledge about the features of these appliances.  

Encourages use of technology 
Technology is an integral part of our society as it is continuously evolving. STEM learning enables your child transform from a passive user of technology to an active user. Hands-on experience through live projects can help your child master complex science and technology concepts.