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Animation: A promising career option for today's kids

By HT school,

2D and 3D designing are now part of animation technology.

A strong sense of creativity is required to pursue animation.

Animation is one of the most preferred career prospects for youngsters in recent times, courtesy, all the popular animated movies around. The common role performed by the animators are - creating special effects for advertisements and video games. The different types of animations include: 3D designing, hand-drawing and creating computer-generated images. The essential skill required to pursue animation is a sound knowledge of technology. Along with this, a strong sense of creativity and visualization is also mandatory in order to find a decent job in this field. The different industries that hire animators include radio and television broadcasting, software publishing, character-sketch for books and films, video industry incorporating 2D and 3D creations and technical consulting firms. The educational qualification required to be an entry-level animator is a BA degree in the field of animation while some companies even employ people with certificate courses or an associate degree in designing. Aspiring animators should equip themselves from a young age by pursuing courses in drawing, 3D programming, computer graphics and video editing.

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