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How to boost youngsters' time management skills?

By HT School,

Teach kids to differentiate between 'must do' and 'can do' tasks.

An effective way to manage time is to set goals and adhere to timelines.

We all know that time is a non-renewable resource. Hence, it should be managed efficiently. For this reason, time management is considered as a significant life skill that youngsters are taught since their growing years. In fact, time management is also a significant part of successful leadership.

In order to boost time management skills of young adults, parents must help them prioritise tasks on the basis of 'must do' and 'can do.' While the former should be done as early as possible, the latter can be left to be completed later. Another effective way to manage time is to set goals, beginning with daily activities and then moving on to creating a weekly or even monthly or any other similar long-term schedules. However, the aim is to keep the whole activity fun and engaging. Watch this video to make sure that your youngster manages her time well.