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How to choose the best course for your budding coder

By HT School,

Coding helps in promoting creativity and innovation among youngsters.

Teacher’s credentials and competency should be considered before choosing a coding course for youngsters.

Before enrolling youngsters in a coding course, there are certain factors parents should consider. First and foremost, the credentials of the faculty are significant as the teachers are the ones who will guide your aspiring coders. Therefore, it is important to check their background, experience and knowledge. Secondly, the student-teacher ratio is also important as coding batches with a limited number of students learn better because the teacher can give them all equal attention and address their queries better. Moreover, a teaching method that focusses on active learning and is student oriented is also an important feature of a good coding programme. An ideal coding course should also provide access to additional help, such as free learning resources, especially for the ones who learn at a slower pace or have missed a session or two. Finally, for a new-age skill like coding, scope for creativity and innovation is optimum. Hence, a good course should also provide similar opportunities to students that will in turn help in their holistic growth.