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HT Dialogues: Role of parents in the education system

By HT School,

More involved in their children's education than ever, parents are playing a major role in shaping education policies.

The significance of parents in the education of kids is undeniable.

A parent is a child's first teacher, they say. Even after children start their formal education, the role of parents in their academic development remains crucial. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected life in all aspects, especially education, with the numerous restrictions that schools now have to face in ensuring a complete learning experience. But this isn't the only change students are experiencing. The New Education Policy is aiming to transform the pedagogy in a major way lending a holistic approach to education where students will see changes not only in what is being taught, but also in the medium of instruction, role of teachers and the overall learning environment. However, in all these changes, the one thing that remains prominent is the involvement of parents when it comes to deciding the kind of education that is being imparted. In this edition of HT Dialogues, principals, educators and parents discuss their roles in the education system, the ideal relation between the parent community and educators and the challenges posed by the current situation on the teaching system.

Panelists: Aprajita Gautam, President, Delhi Parents Association, Mrs. Rachna Pant, Principal, Ramjas School, Delhi, Ms. Anupama Chand, Primary School Head, Gyan Bharati School, Delhi, Ms. Anjali Bhandari, Teacher, Maxfort School, Delhi and Mr. Bharat Alagh, Parent, St. Mark's Sr. Sec Public School, Delhi

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