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Meet Vivaan, a student who loves to invest in stock markets

By HT School,

Vivaan Varshney, student of Podar International School, Mumbai, shares the aspects of stock markets that excite him.

Vivaan’s lessons in stock markets started after a discussion with his father about companies and businesses.

Online gaming, making new friends on social media and engaging in sports are a few of the most popular activities of millennial kids. But some of them grow up with different choices. Take Vivaan Varshney for example. This class VII student of Podar International School, Mumbai, has been studying and investing in stock markets for the last three months. What he finds fascinating about them is that different investors have varying outlooks about the same company and how their opinions influence their decision of buying or selling shares. Share price movements and valuation are some of the aspects of stock market that he finds exciting. While studying stock markets he started with the basics: Technical analysis and chart reading. In this video, watch Vivaan sharing his learnings and experiences about the stock market.