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What is a candlestick chart? A school student explains

By HT School,

Vivaan Varshney, a class VII student makes it easy to understand this stock market feature.

Vivaan spends 45 minutes every day to study stock markets.

Stock market is rarely a topic of discussion among kids. However, Vivian Varshney, a class VII student of Podar International School, Mumbai, is an exception. He loves to analyse and invest in stock markets. In one of our earlier videos, he shared his learnings and experiences in this field. In this video, Vivaan talks about an interesting feature of stock market: Candlestick chart. After explaining what it is, he moves on to show us how to read this chart. This youngster spends around 45 minutes every day in studying stock market and analysing 40 stocks. He is also learning about financial statements and balance sheets. Watch this video to know more about the different features of stock market from Vivaan.

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