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Online etiquettes to raise a responsible netizen

By HT School,

Maintaining their own privacy as well as others’ is an important digital etiquette for kids.

Verifying the authenticity of news before sharing them on social media is also part of online etiquettes.

Parents often groom their kids with certain manners and etiquettes to lead a proper and healthy social life. Similarly, they also need to teach them kids about online etiquettes that will guide them to become better and more responsible netizens. In this context, the first etiquette to cover is e-safety that can be ensured by imparting them online intelligence and suitable internet manners. The next step is to teach kids form their true digital identity and maintain honesty in all their online relationships. Another important digital wisdom for youngsters is to maintain their own privacy of themselves as well as others. Sharing others’ personal information like names and images without their consent or divulging their secrets on a social media platform should be discouraged. Kids also need to be taught the value of verifying the authenticity of what they share online as misinformation, fake news, rumours and gossips can get them in trouble. Watch this video to find out what all kids need to learn in order to be a responsible cyber citizen.