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Why peer learning is crucial for students

By HT School,

Ms. Priyanka Bhatkoti, Principal, Maxfort School, Dwarka, sheds light on the merits of peer learning.

Peer learning makes students extremely accomplished as well as independent learners, says principal Priyanka Bhatkoti.

Peer learning is one of the best learning pedagogies available today because students interact and learn from one another to achieve a sound educational objective. Cognitive psychologists believe that peer learning is applied by teachers within the mainstream educational framework for maximum learning benefits. Peer learning teaches students the art of both cooperation and collaboration. It imparts the qualities of being a team-member as well as leadership capabilities among students.

Peer learning can happen inside the classroom or across different classrooms (cross peer learning) where senior students and council members can go across teaching junior classes. When students become teachers, they understand the process of teaching and learning, and realise the amount of knowledge they exchange with their peers, by gaining some and imparting some more. This is how the students also become seasoned and independent learners. Hence, peer learning has been rapidly becoming popular in classrooms, wherein students participate in both formal and informal situations. That is why, educators around the globe are thus encouraging peer learning that will in turn enable students to become life-long learners. Watch this video where Ms. Priyanka Bhatkoti, Principal, Maxfort School, Dwarka, talks about the benefits of peer learning.