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Why skill integration in curriculum should be a top priority

By HT School,

Mr. D.P. Guleria, Principal, BCM School, Ludhiana, sheds light on the importance of developing skills for students.

If children learn something from their books, they need to apply that in their real life, says Principal D.P. Guleria.

Skill integration is very important in this 21st century. Children who develop more and more skills will automatically be more successful in life, as they can explore different career options depending upon the skills they have. Not only books, students will pick up these skills extracurricular activities too. The ideas developed can be later on materialized in life to achieve bigger life goals. Schools across the country are slowly incorporating this skill integration system within their curriculum to help their students become versatile in life. The 21st century kids are already well-versed with technology and if they learn multiple skills, their chance of success in the future goes up rapidly. The skill integration system has also become a necessity amidst a new education policy that clearly mentions that students studying in class VI and above must have added interests and talents, alongside academic knowledge. This means, when students learn something as part of their curriculum, they also need to implement it in real life. Watch this video where Mr. D. P. Guleria, Principal, BCM School, Chandigarh Road, Ludhiana, talks about the necessity of skill integration within academic curriculum.