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The information we obtain through the use of Cookies may include information about user computer, device and browser, such as user IP address, browser, operating system and device characteristics, language preferences, mobile device or advertising ID, referring URLs and actions taken by user(s) on the Services, such as the content user visited, whether user has used the Services before, date(s) and time(s) user accesses the Services, email and advertising views and click-throughs, frequent article searches on the Services, and other software or hardware information. If the user accesses the Services from a mobile or other device, we may collect information for that device, such as a unique device identifier ("UDID"), mobile phone number, and details about the user mobile carrier.

Cookies can recognize user(s) and remember important information that will make the use of a site more convenient, such as by remembering user’s login status and user preferences.

Through the Cookies of third-party analytics providers, ad networks and advertisers, we can track user’s online activities over time and across third-party websites, apps and devices, by obtaining information through automated means. This information, along with information we gather when the user logs in, can be used to understand use across sites and devices to help improve our products and services, remember user preferences, provide content recommendations, and show user advertisements on the Services or other third-party websites and apps that may be tailored to user individual interests. 

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