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Heartfulness—Experience Life’s Potential (HELP)

Look no further to enhance your physical and mental well-being and equip yourself with the skills necessary to lead a balanced and healthy life!

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  • Age GroupAge Group15–18 years
  • Course DurationCourse Duration8 weeks
  • Session DurationSession Duration60 minutes
  • CompletionCompletionYes
  • SessionsSessions16 Sessions
  • FrequencyFrequencyTwice a week
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Heartfulness—Experience Life’s Potential (HELP)

About The Course

    The current education system is geared towards academic excellence. But it’s equally important to address the physical, mental and socio-emotional well-being of students to ensure that they’re holistic individuals. This inner development has to be nurtured in a gentle way, with the right tools and techniques that allow students to imbibe essential life skills through experience and direct perception. 
    This HELP programme provides the right combination of skills, tools and practices that allows students to open up their minds and hearts towards a positive and balanced approach to life.
    Each HELP session will cover a unique topic on life skills and well-being, followed by a practical experiential session on Heartfulness tools and techniques.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically meant for students aged 15–18, who are seeking to prioritize holistic growth and overall well-being through the development of socio-emotional skills.

Course Objectives

    The Heartfulness—Experience Life’s Potential (HELP) course will help you:
    • Develop a relaxed and focused mind, which will help in clear thinking
    • Develop a heart-centred approach to learning and understanding
    • Develop flexibility, resilience and an adaptive nature
    • Practise heartful communication with the ability to listen, pause and respond effectively
    • Live an inspired life full of courage and confidence 
    • Develop the qualities of inner-excellence and self-development



Heartfulness Education Trust

Heartfulness Education Trust

Heart-Centered Education

The Heartfulness Education Trust is devoted to creating a loving and compassionate learning environment through a heart-based approach. Our mission is to engage students, in their own growth, and bring emotional and social intelligence as well as confidence and balance through simple lesson plans filled with engaging stories, activities and fun games. 

The Heartfulness—Experience Life’s Potential (HELP) programme is a 16-week certificate course for students of Grades 10 to 12 on life-skills and values. This course will equip them with Heartfulness practices, skills and knowledge for quality educational outcomes. Our vision is to enable teachers and students to live a balanced, purposeful and happy life through heart-based practices, so that they’re equipped to contribute to sustainable school reform and community citizenship.