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International Graded Guitar Exam Course

Prepare for universally certified guitar examinations and ace them with expert guidance from the nation’s best guitarists!

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  • Age GroupAge Group7–18 years
  • Course DurationCourse Duration12 months
  • Session DurationSession Duration1 Hour
  • CompletionCompletionYes
  • SessionsSessions100 Sessions
  • FrequencyFrequencyTwice a week
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International Graded Guitar Exam Course

About The Course

    If you’re keen on pursuing music professionally and want to take your Guitar playing to the next notch, you’re in the right place! Shan’s School of Music has an impressive record of 100% of its students clearing these graded music exams.
This course will thoroughly prepare students to take universally certified examinations (Grades 1–8) from Internationally acclaimed music universities—Trinity College London and Rock School UK. The Instructors of this course will also facilitate these exams, grade-wise, and on passing, you will receive certificates from both the International Music University and HT School. There are a maximum of two graded exams per year, depending on your performance. NOTE: Students will have to pay an exam fee, ranging from INR 3,500 to INR 10,000, to the International board. Please note that this will be over and above the course price. In addition, there will be an official International board website from where students can download music ebooks for INR 1,200 approximately, which is again over and above the course price.
    Universally certified exams have three components—pieces, technical work and supporting tests, with different requirements, depending on the grade.
    Candidates perform three pieces (depending on the grade) from lists featuring a wide range of styles and genres. The syllabus for this course focuses on a range of teaching approaches, with the Instructors training students on several pieces. Recently, for certain subjects, duets are also an option for Grades 1–3, which offers greater flexibility.
Technical Work
    Developing a strong technical foundation is crucial to playing confidently and enjoying playing. The Instructors have developed technical work that is intuitive and relevant to the Guitar and will help build confidence in your technique.
    We recognise that learners have different strengths and so candidates can choose from several different options for their technical work.
Supporting Tests
    Our examinations aim to develop holistic musicians, and supporting tests play a key role in this endeavour. Candidates choose two supporting tests from a selection that includes sight reading, aural, musical knowledge and improvising.
UCAS Points
    Students who pass Grades 6–8 are eligible for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) points, which are very beneficial for students applying to foreign colleges and universities.
    Students who pass Grades 1–8 are eligible for the Extracurricular Activities (ECA) quota while applying for vocational courses in certain Indian universities.

Who Is This Course For?

This International Graded Guitar Exam Course is specifically designed to help students aged 7–18 prepare for universally certified exams and define a career in music.

Course Objectives

The International Graded Guitar Exam Course will help you:
  • Prepare for the different components of the graded music exams
  • Acquire knowledge on the different theoretical and practical aspects of music
  • Develop the confidence to effortlessly play the Guitar
  • Hone your skills to improvise and create music
  • Improve your sight reading of music
  • Define a career in music



Shantanu Arora

Shantanu Arora

Vocalist, Guitarist, Founder, Shan’s School of Music

Shantanu Arora is a professional singer and guitarist based out of New Delhi, India. He started playing the guitar at eight and gave his first stage performance when he was ten. He founded Shan’s School of Music in 2003 and provides training in different musical instruments, such as the keyboard, guitar, violin and flute, along with vocal training. Shantanu is a disciple of Ustad Sabri Khan in Hindustani Classical Music.