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Jedi’s Protégé (Advanced)

Master the art of staying focused, setting clear goals and managing time efficiently.

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  • Age GroupAge Group16–18 years
  • Course DurationCourse Duration5 hours
  • Session DurationSession Duration20 minutes
  • CompletionCompletionYes
  • SessionsSessions12 Sessions
  • FrequencyFrequencySelf-Paced
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Jedi’s Protégé (Advanced)

About The Course

    This course is designed for early teens to understand the importance of focus and time management. It clearly discusses the ability to focus on personal and social areas that will help you understand the different aspects of responsibility and how your actions impact your environment. In time management, you will focus on the skills of planning, prioritizing and goal setting. These aspects will help you manage time and also create space to focus not only on academics but also on other areas that hugely impact your mental and physical development.
    Through a reflective questioning methodology, this course will help you identify your areas of strengths and challenges. You will also be able to enhance your performance and improve your strengths, post these sessions, using the tools and techniques discussed in the course.
    This course will take you through a piecemeal approach that will cover the following topics:
  • Managing Change
  • Focus and Responsibility
  • Growth Mindset
  • Assertive Skills
  • Procrastination
  • Goal Setting

Who Is This Course For?

This course is specifically designed for students aged 16–18 who are easily distracted when faced with the challenge of managing multiple tasks, such as studies, sports, entertainment and hobbies.

Course Objectives

The Jedi’s Protégé (Advanced) course will help you:
  • Build on your focus and time management skills 
  • Identify the mental blocks that stop you from achieving great things
  • Manage time efficiently and do more in the given time
  • Take actions to change your thoughts and behaviour for growth and success 
  • Set well-defined goals



Prachla Malhotra

Prachla Malhotra

Behaviour Enhancement Consultant and Mentor

Prachla is a Behaviour Enhancement Consultant and Mentor with a varied and enriching experience of 22 years. She has delivered Leadership and Culture Transformation lectures for mid-to-senior level management across Asian countries. Her clients include Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Franklin Templeton, HSBC, Bank of America, Qatar Gas, Lear, Fiat, Bridgestone, Amdocs and Symbiosis, to name a few. Prachla also holds a Commercial Pilots license and Flight Instructors license. She is a Directive Communication and Gamification Expert, Extended DISC Analyst, Sociocracy Mediator and Metaphor of Movements Mentor.