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Communication Skill Lessons by Sabira Merchant

Learn the art of communicating with flair and finesse and develop your personality with tips and tricks from the Celebrity Etiquette Trainer

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  • Age GroupAge Group10-18 years
  • Course DurationCourse Duration3 hours
  • Session DurationSession Duration10 minutes
  • CompletionCompletionYes
  • SessionsSessions37 Sessions
  • FrequencyFrequencySelf-Paced
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Communication Skill Lessons by Sabira Merchant

About The Course

    In her first-ever online class, Sabira Merchant teaches Communication Skills, Grooming, Body Language, Public Speaking and Confidence Building skills to transform you into a charming personality.
    In this course, Sabira Merchant teaches why people can't communicate well in life and shares her opinion on whether mixing English and Hindi while speaking is fine. She also teaches you to be a good speaker even if you are from a vernacular medium.
    In this course, Sabira Merchant teaches you to form sentences easily and avoid fillers while speaking to an individual or a crowd. The course also includes her signature Social Etiquette, Art of Answering Spontaneously with Flair and Finesse, Corporate Dressing and Fine Dining Etiquette.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for students aged 10–18 who are passionate about participating in pageants and developing a confident personality and want to learn the styles and etiquettes from a celebrity Etiquette Trainer.

Course Objectives

The celebrity Communication Skills course will help you:
  • Develop fluency in the English language
  • Develop superstar communication skills
  • Develop corporate dressing skills
  • Improve on your Public Speaking skills
  • Develop fine dining manners



Sabira Merchant

Sabira Merchant

Celebrity Etiquette Trainer, Actor

Sabira Merchant has been training beauty pageant contestants to develop their confidence for the past 50 years. She has trained Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Yukta Mookhey, Diana Hayden, Aryan Vaid and Raghu Mukherjee for International Beauty Pageants.